Draco Organizer 3.12 for Windows 10


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Draco is a modern software Organizer Personal Information Manager (PIM) that allows storage of comprehensive personal information. In today's world it becomes necessary to quickly communicate with many people. Mainly in the end, the program will be an excellent tool and a program allows you to store information related to the typical time: tasks, meetings and anniversaries. Lets also remember tele-address data of individuals and companies, as well as the creation of groups of people and keeping record in a notebook. The program is designed for people with an active professional life and referring so many business contacts and people in leadership positions. However, the versatility and competitiveness make it can be useful for all computer users who have ever had to take the help of a notebook or calendar, or use e-mail. Characteristics of the Draco Organizer: - Calendar - Enhanced Address Book - Supports electronic mail (e-mail) - Highly effective spam filter - The rules to automatically process messages - Download and send messages from several email accounts at the same time - Weather Information - RSS Feeds - Sending SMS - Creation of working groups in order to automate the creation of tasks or meetings, and sending a message - reminder of meetings, appointments and anniversaries - Remote inform you of events via short messages - Automatic check for new mail - password-protected data encryption - Secure Storage important information in the Safe - Can be installed and to run on devices such as Pen - Import and export to other databases New in version 3.12: - Fixed installer and auto-update process - Fixed a number of issues related to the opening of identity - Fixed an issue with blocking by the dialog  The Draco Organizer is free for home use.